One of the many advantages of Southern California living is the abundance of high quality seafood available. The closer to the coast you go, the more likely it is that the restaurants you visit will be providing freshly caught fish and shellfish straight from sea to table. At Magic Lamp Lebanese Mediterranean Grill, we believe everything we serve should be fresh. Not only do we buy locally caught fish and shrimp, but we purchase fresh ingredients for all our dishes each morning to ensure a peak dining experience.

We provide a number of seafood meals cooked in the Lebanese style. We combine traditional preparation methods with local species to create a dinner or lunch you can’t forget. We have salmon, trout, el dorado, shrimp, calamari, shellfish, and much more.

Mediterranean cuisine features many types of seafood. We strive to bring the flavors of Lebanon and the surrounding countries to locally available fish. We accentuate these flavors with sides and dips to make your visit a gastronomic treat. Freshly baked pita bread accompanies every meal. Humus, baba ganouj, and salads round out your dining experience. We have also expanded our seafood experiences into mahi mahi and smoked salmon baguettes. These sandwiches are ideal for lunch, combining Lebanese and American flavors for a unique and satisfying experience.

Magic Lamp caters to customers of all tastes. We proudly offer vegan and vegetarian dining options in addition to our seafood and meat-based entreés to make sure everyone in your group can enjoy a fantastic dinner out. Our unique food lends itself to any occasion. Consider giving your guests a taste of the Lebanese Mediterranean at your next event. We have catering options to fit any occasion or budget.

If you are ready for a spectacular seafood experience, stop by the restaurant today. No matter what you fancy, you won’t be disappointed.



With hundreds of restaurants to choose from in the Long Beach and Seal Beach area, it can still be difficult to find the right place to have lunch or dinner.


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We offer delicious, authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern dining experiences to the Long Beach and Seal Beach areas.