Lebanese food is some of the tastiest you’ll find in Long Beach or anywhere in the world. The Magic Lamp Lebanese Mediterranean Grill is one of the highest rated Lebanese dining experiences in the city, providing food that is rich in taste, fresh, healthy, and all at the right price. Our customers range from hearty meat eaters to seafood lovers and even strict vegans. Our menu has options for everyone to enjoy. Whether you just want a quick baguette lunch or want the immersive experience of a family-style mezza, there is something here that is just what you want.

We have a range of recurring specials to offer. On Fridays, for example, we offer our Roasted Lamb Shank, using fresh lamb for the best taste. The meal is served with humus, basmati rice, and a salad topped with toasted almonds. Another chef’s special we offer is Sheikh Eggplant, comprised of baby eggplants stuffed with a mixture of pine nuts, onions,, and minced beef, served with rice and a small salad.

Much like the tapas of Spain, we feature Lebanese mezzas for group dining. An assortment of dishes in an array of textures, colors, and flavors is served family-style. These Taste of Lebanon offerings give you an introduction to the wide range of food available in our restaurant at a fixed rate per person.

In Lebanon, it is rare to offer drinks without food. We offer beers and wines from Lebanon, Europe, and California to be paired with your meals. If you are unsure what will go well with your meal, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you make a delicious choice. We also offer coffee, tea, and soft drinks for those that do not want alcohol with their meal.

If you are looking for a superior Lebanese dining experience in the Long Beach area, Magic Lamp is the place to go. Experience the amazing flavors of Lebanon in our restaurant today.


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