When one talks about Greek and Mediterranean foods, it can be difficult to observe the difference. This is because Greek food is a subset of Mediterranean cuisine. Mediterranean food is cultivated by the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea including: Spain, France, Italy, etc. Greek cuisine, however, offers unique dishes not found in other “Mediterranean” cultures. You’ll find that our Greek food is characterized by over 4,000 years of tradition, soul, and plenty of olives.

Take our greek salad for example. Greek salads are a classic dish that has been popularized in modern dining. Our Greek salad comes with: feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumbers, and red onions. We garnish them with a zesty mustard vinaigrette as well as bell peppers and cucumbers. This is a perfect model of Greek cuisine: olive provides both the central flavor to the salad in its natural form, and adds a complementary note through the dressing (it’s crucial in the vinaigrette).

Feta cheese is another traditional ingredient in our salads and in Greek food. Cows were not always available in Greece, so the best alternative was goat’s milk, which was processed into feta cheese. The use of strong flavors and aromas of herbs and vegetables such as onions are greek trademarks as well.

Some of our other Greek-inspired dishes include: fresh fish entrees such as grilled salmon and sauteed shrimp, spicy greek flatbread (pizza style), as well as our Baklava, a decadent dessert composed of a delicate and flaky-crust, bound together by a rich layer of honey-sweet resin. At Magic Lamp, we take great pride in the food we prepare. Whenever you come to our restaurant, we guarantee that whatever you order will take you on a journey of taste, tradition, and culture!

Greek Food Long Beach


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