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There is no shortage of options when it comes to catering your event. Finding the right catering in Huntington Beach can seem overwhelming. Between deciding on a type of meal everyone will enjoy, accommodating everyone’s dietary restrictions, and keeping everything within your budget, the choice may seem difficult. Mediterranean cuisine brings varied and enticing options to the table, and Magic Lamp Grill has the experienced catering team and delicious food you need to ensure your event is a success.

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Planning Ahead

Whether you’re getting everything lined up months in advance or are making last minute plans, Magic Lamp is ready to help make your special occasion go smoothly. Most of our catering services can be provided with very short notice. If you aren’t sure about what you need or what will work with your event, please feel free to ask us for advice. Our extensive experience in catered events gives us insight into what will make your gathering a hit.

Something For Everyone

Finding something that suits everyone’s palette is challenging. Magic Lamp offers a wide range of Lebanese and Mediterranean dining options. Whether your guests prefer tender meat or succulent seafood as their main course, are watching their weight or have specialized diets, there is something delicious waiting for them in our Feast packages.

Our catering packages feature several Feast options, allowing you to customize your meal with your choice of salad, meats, and appetizer dips. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, and feature as much variety as any other menu option. If you want more control over your food, explore our full catering menu to create a customized meal plan.

Your Event, Your Way

Whether you’re looking to pick up your food and set it up on your own, or require our services to deliver, set-up, and serve your guests, your wish is our command. Talk to us about your requirements, and we will work with you to arrange your special occasion. We are flexible and strive to ensure we always stay within your budget and your schedule. You’ll be delighted with the service, and your guests will be delighted with the cuisine.

If you’re planning an event in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, or in any of the nearby communities, Magic Lamp Grill is the catering option that will satisfy both you and your guests with excellent service and outstanding food. Call us today to learn more out how our catering can put the finishing touches your next party, meeting, or celebration.


With hundreds of restaurants to choose from in the Long Beach and Seal Beach area, it can still be difficult to find the right place to have lunch or dinner.

Mediterranean Food

Our dishes include a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, seafood, poultry and lamb.


We offer delicious, authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern dining experiences to the Long Beach and Seal Beach areas.